Purpose for Discover

Many Christians around the world have asked the question, what does God want to do with my life? What is Gods will? What should I do? Can God use me? Should I be a missionary?

Discover is a time of getting out of your routine to really seek God, looking into these questions?

Around the globe, Evangelism Explosion is passionate about assisting and equipping churches to engage the world around them with the gospel. Jesus says in Luke 10:2 (NIV), “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field”. Discover is about giving young people the chance to really listen, and consider if God would have them go into vocational ministry or not. As well, to come away more equipped to share the gospel, and do ministry whatever context they return too.

Our motivation is to help participants find our what God has for them, wherever that may be in His kingdom. The benefit for EE, is that participants get a vision for what EE does and who we are, around the world, and if working or volunteering with EE is for them. Our agenda though, is for Gods Kingdom, not just for EE.



History of Discover

Until 2015, Discover has been known as the EE Internship. The first internship took place in Fiji in 2007 with 9 participants and has taken place each year since then.

In 2012, internships moved to take place in Asia, and Africa and Washington DC. Since 2012, 173 interns have taken part, with 65 of them having moved or preparing to move into some sort of vocational ministry around the world in a variety of different areas and people groups.



The Application Process

Typically, this is the process for those applying to be a part of DISCOVER. It is as much for the applicant to decide if this is right for them as it is for EE to discern if the applicant is right for Discover.

  1. Applicant makes contact with Evangelism Explosion (EE) either by filling in the Initial Interest Form, by email or by phone.
  2. EE emails or sends the applicant an Application Form. It is about 4-5 pages with basic details, asking for some contact references and other questions. Applicant emails or sends the form back to EE.
  3. On receipt of the application form, EE then arranges with the applicant a suitable time for an interview. Where possible this will be done in person or during a selection meeting. Otherwise a time is arranged for a video chat (Skype) or where not possible a phone interview with the EE Discover Leader based in the USA. This typically takes about 30 mins and is also a time for the applicant to ask all of their questions and any concerns. In some cases their may be a second minor interview with an EE worker local to their region.
  4. If EE wishes to then offer a place to an applicant in the Discover Program, they will then send them a formal offer of a place. The formal offer also includes an agreement that the applicant can agree with the EE Statement of Faith and Principals. Once this has been signed and returned to EE, the applicant is then committing themselves to the time and any costs they have for coming. In some cases, this also then enables to begin spending money for the applicant, (and if the applicant should pull out after that, then they will have agreed to cover any expenses incurred in their behalf.)

A Typical Day

Around the world the program for Discover does vary by what happens each day; by where Discover is held. In most cases the schedule varies intentionally throughout the duration. However, in general terms, a typical training day at the location may look like this:

6am – Awaken / optional exercise

7am – Breakfast

7:30 – Personal Prayer and Devotions Time (Quiet-time time)

8:30am – Called & Accountable Devotional

9am – Group Devotions (led by leaders or participants)

9:30am – Training / Activity

10:30am – Morning Break

11am – Training / Activity

12:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – Training / Activity

3pm – Afternoon break

3:30pm – Training / Activity / Break

6pm – Dinner

7:30pm – Evening Session

Training Elements

DISCOVER around the world (with exceptions) incorporate the following training elements in the program:

  • Evangelism Explosion Training – whether Classic EE, or XEE, participants learn the EE tools for sharing the gospel.
  • Hope For Kids – learning how to equip children’s ministry leaders to train kids to know the gospel
  • Workshops – Discover participants raining others to share the gospel
  • OJT – practical opportunities to connect and share the gospel with people
  • Called & Accountable devotionals
  • Preference Workshop – discovering your personal preferences
  • Discovering Your Strengths – understanding who you are and how to build on that.
  • Fundraising Training – thinking through ideas around fundraising for ministry
  • A Bible Intensive
  • Daily quiet time times
  • Input from local ministry leaders, and from local and global EE ministry leaders

There are also many other elements in the program that are dependent on the location of the DISCOVER program being held